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This page will present a look at our future product lines.

As we add new product lines, we may add additional pages to our site.

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  • Pet Beds

More information at the polyurethane foam association website: www.pfa.org

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Density is a measurement of the mass per unit volume. Measured and expressed in pounds per cubic foot (pcf) or kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3), it is one of the most important of all form properties. Remember that flexible polyurethane foam is made up of struts and voids. Since voids are empty spaces, when you weigh a sample of foam, you are actually weighing the struts, not the voids. The diameter and length of the struts represent the mass. The physical shape of the struts and the absence or presence of windows (voids) also play a major role in foam physical performance.
How Density Affects Foam Performance:
Foam surface firmness is independent of foam density. High density foams can be produced very soft and low density foams can be made very firm. Therefore, there is no such thing as a "hard" or "soft" density. High density foam products generally offer a great deal of support, but they may actually be fairly soft foams.
There is a difference between firmness and support. Firmness (25% IFD) is a measurement of surface feel of the foam. Support is the foam's ability to "push back" against weight and prevent the foam from "bottoming out." Higher density foam helps prevent the feeling of having the foam collapse beneath the body weight in an end use application.
Indentation Force Deflection:
The ( IFD or ILD ) number represents the pounds of force required to indent a foam sample by a specified percentage of its original thickness. This is measured with specially designed equipment. In most cases, a 50 square inch round indentor plate is attached to a vertical piston-like cylinder having a precisely calibrated stroke.
Firmness is measured on foam samples having a square surface area of at least 15" by 15". Surface firmness is measured at 25% sample indentation (25% IFD). As an example, using a 4" thick sample, the 25% IFD reading would be made while the foam is indented to 3" height under the piston foot plate (25% deflection of the sample height).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Dear Bed-dr,

  Hello, I just purchased a Cloud9™ Bed in the past week or 10 days… Anyway I was thinking of getting my girlfriend a topper and was wondering if you sell just the cover as well... When I add the topper to her mattress it will be about the same thickness as my new Cloud9™ Bed… So I was thinking it would be cool to have a cover like the one I have on my bed for her bed. That way she can take it off like a sheet and wash it. No zippers etc. Let me know when you get a chance. Thanks Bryan Bond


A: Hi Brian,

  We do have those covers available. For a queen it would be 49.99 delivered. Let us know if you are interested. We will be adding them in our wholesale-memory-foam store this week. Thank you for your purchase!




Q: Hi there,

I know you have recommendations on your website, but could you tell me which one you think we should get? My husband weighs 170, and I weigh 150. We would like a topper that would make the bed softer and be able to "sink into" a little. I would really appreciate your suggestion. Thank you very much.


A: We would recommend a 4lb 2" if you are looking for added comfort or 4lb 3" if you need extra pressure point relief. You will get all the benefits you are looking for in either topper. The rest is personal preference. Both of these will make the bed softer able to "sink into" a little. Thank you for your interest in our marvelous memory foam products!


R: Hi, thanks so much for the information. I think we're going to go with the 4lb 2". Also, I just wanted to say your testimonials are very impressive!! I had a few cheaper memory foam toppers on my watch list, but you can't beat great testimonials with the amount of customers you have had! I will be doing business with you shortly.








Q: Hey there wanted to ask a few questions on your product. 


Q1: Can you clean the pillows if been soiled in anyway and what to do?

A: You can clean the pillows with a lint roller or vacuum cleaner. The best way to keep them clean is by purchasing a pillow cover. They are sold separately.


Q2: Can they be put in the washer and if so how does water affect it. water affects it regardless

A: We would not recommend placing them in the washer. The washing machine would more than likely rip or tear the foam. You can wash the pillow covers if you decide to purchase them.


Q3: Is there anyway one could be allergic to the material and are there any chemicals in it one should be aware of. My wife is very susceptible to these things

A: There are normally not any allergic reactions to visco-elastic memory foam. These memory foam products do not contain latex which is the culprit in most bedding allergies. 


Q4: Are these pillows basically the tempurpedic Swedish Pillows?

A: These pillows are made using the same type of nasa developed technology.


Q5: Last question what kind of pillow should I purchase for an individual for sleeping on a bed who is around 5'6 115lbs? I am hoping to purchase at least 2 for a birthday present to my wife.  I also hope you will be able to answer all my questions and apologize for so many. I am not too familiar with this product. Thank you for your time. 


Future Customer, Steven Medina.

A: We would recommend the 4.3lb pillow for your wife. Thank yoou for your interest in our marvelous memory foam products!