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Here are some messages we have received from a few of our customers!


Thank you for the great mattress pad. I just wanted to tell you. After sleeping on a water bed, spring mattress, select comfort mattress and select comfort WITH a feather bed, last night was the first night I can remember when I DIDN'T wake up in the night and this morning is the first morning I can remember NOT having a back ache!!!!! I will be telling EVERYONE about the memory foam !!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you :)

Toni and The Muddy Creek Poodles



The item and packaging were wonderful. I had the best nights sleep I have had in a long time.

Thanks Kimberley


It was information on how to select the thickness and a cover for it......It was somewhere on your website...where everything you had for sale was listed. by the way I love the foam....my back hasn't hurt since I put it on my bed....and I sleep like a baby. I think I am going to be back, because I told some friends about it and they want to try it.....so you may see my name again.



That's exactly what it did, "Improve the quality of my life". I' ve been living with chronic back pain for over 30 years. Now ,I get sound sleep, with a lot less pain, thanks to finding your website for this memory foam!






Thank you for the great service. I already had a 4" twin pad on my king size bed along with an old mattress on the other half. My husband didn't think he liked the memory foam. He likes it now since we got yours! Said he slept like a baby last night. This is the best thing to happen to sleep. I will recommend you
to anyone.

PS; Some day soon I hope I will order one for my camper.


My two boys are now jealous. Can I get two twin size 4.3 Cloud9 2" pads for them? Please give me total cost. Thanks.


I love this memory foam, now my kids want memory foam for their beds too. LOL,  I haven't been able to get them out of my bed since this afternoon. They love it too. So I am sure that I will be back again soon to buy more.
Thanks for the FANTASTIC deal & service.
I had the absolute best night of sleep that I have ever had in my entire life. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning and was all most late for work.
Andrea (again)
I love my memory foam mattress pad, I am sleeping so well now.  Your customer
service was excellent.  Thank You!

Dear bed-dr,

I bought a 4.3 Cloud9 2" twin pad from you...My friend in Miami Okla would like some information on it...Would you please send her information.
Thank you,
Dear Bed Dr.,
  Thank you for the wonderful memory foam .  I would really like to let you know how very pleased I am with my purchases from you.  There are a lot of sellers of this product on the internet and I had a tough time sorting through all the different pads, and either I just got lucky selecting you, or you ARE the best. From your product to customer response to delivery and after care you are awesome and certainly a considerate business owner.  Kind Regards, and good luck in your future endeavors. 
This is the first purchase I have made online. I have been researching and pricing Memory Foam Mattress Toppers off and on for about 6 months through local stores and the internet. I thought I had found just about the bottom line price until I found your website. To my delight I saved $100.00 over the best internet price I had found. I was still worried that the product would be inferior. The mattress topper is the same quality or better than what I found in retail stores. We are sleeping better and I have told everyone I speak to about you. I am in sales and wish I was making a commission off of the sales I am sending your way. Thank you for making this first internet shopping experience a pleasure.
Barbara Walker
The Mattress pad got here without a hitch this time.  Already put it on my bed, feels like those new mattresses I was looking at.  Can't wait to spend a night sleeping on it.  To my surprise my sheets still fit the bed, yeah, I thought they might not.  Thank you so much for working with me on this, I do appreciate it very much.
One happy customer,
just wanted to thank you personally ,
received my order today ! cant wait to try it out !  :) excellent job ,and thanks again,
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Please feel free to email us with your own testimonial and we will show it to everyone. Thank you all for helping Wholesale Memory Foam become a success!

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Detroit, Mi

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Dear Bed-dr,

  Hello, I just purchased a Cloud9 Bed in the past week or 10 days… Anyway I was thinking of getting my girlfriend a topper and was wondering if you sell just the cover as well... When I add the topper to her mattress it will be about the same thickness as my new Cloud9 Bed… So I was thinking it would be cool to have a cover like the one I have on my bed for her bed. That way she can take it off like a sheet and wash it. No zippers etc. Let me know when you get a chance. Thanks Bryan Bond


A: Hi Brian,

  We do have those covers available. For a queen it would be 49.99 delivered. Let us know if you are interested. We will be adding them in our wholesale-memory-foam store this week. Thank you for your purchase!



Q: Hi there,

I know you have recommendations on your website, but could you tell me which one you think we should get? My husband weighs 170, and I weigh 150. We would like a topper that would make the bed softer and be able to "sink into" a little. I would really appreciate your suggestion. Thank you very much.


A: We would recommend a 4.3 Cloud9 2" if you are looking for added comfort or 4.3 Cloud9 3" if you need extra pressure point relief. You will get all the benefits you are looking for in either topper. The rest is personal preference. Both of these will make the bed softer able to "sink into" a little. Thank you for your interest in our marvelous memory foam products!


R: Hi, thanks so much for the information. I think we're going to go with the 4.3 Cloud9 2". Also, I just wanted to say your testimonials are very impressive!! I had a few cheaper memory foam toppers on my watch list, but you can't beat great testimonials with the amount of customers you have had! I will be doing business with you shortly.







Q: Hey there wanted to ask a few questions on your product. 


Q1: Can you clean the pillows if been soiled in anyway and what to do?

A: You can clean the pillows with a lint roller or vacuum cleaner. The best way to keep them clean is by purchasing a pillow cover. They are sold separately.


Q2: Can they be put in the washer and if so how does water affect it. water affects it regardless

A: We would not recommend placing them in the washer. The washing machine would more than likely rip or tear the foam. You can wash the pillow covers if you decide to purchase them.


Q3: Is there anyway one could be allergic to the material and are there any chemicals in it one should be aware of. My wife is very susceptible to these things

A: There are normally not any allergic reactions to visco-elastic memory foam. These memory foam products do not contain latex which is the culprit in most bedding allergies. 


Q4: Are these pillows basically the tempurpedic Swedish Pillows?

A: These pillows are made using the same type of nasa developed technology.


Q5: Last question what kind of pillow should I purchase for an individual for sleeping on a bed who is around 5'6 115lbs? I am hoping to purchase at least 2 for a birthday present to my wife.  I also hope you will be able to answer all my questions and apologize for so many. I am not too familiar with this product. Thank you for your time. 


Future Customer, Steven Medina.

A: We would recommend the 4.3 Cloud9 pillow for your wife. Thank yoou for your interest in our marvelous memory foam products!